Auditions for LTN’s “Noises Off”, to be directed by Kathy Strouse, will be held Monday and Tuesday, January 16 and 17 at 7:00 PM at the theater located at 801 Claremont Avenue in Norfolk.  Callbacks will be Wednesday, January 18 at 7:00 PM also at the theater.  Headshots and resumes are welcome, but not required.  The show opens March 10 and runs through April 2, 2017.

“Noises Off”, a play within a play, is the story of a British theater company performing a tour of a run of the mill bedroom farce, “Nothing On”.  The story follows the company from their final technical rehearsal to the last leg of their tour, where backstage love affairs and conflicts insure that the production falls horribly and hilariously apart.

“Noises Off” is THE quintessential modern farce.  It is smart, riotously funny, fast paced, and an ensemble-acting tour de force.  It is a very physical comedy filled with stage combat and prat falls, making it a most demanding project for actors.

For those stalwarts up to the challenge, the characters are:

Lloyd Dallas – 40’s-50’s.  Lloyd is the tempestuous long-suffering director of the touring production, “Nothing On”.  This show is quite a come down for him.  If only theater did not involve actors.  He would rather be directing Shakespeare. His life is further complicated by his involvement with both Poppy, the assistant stage manager, and Brooke, the ingénue.

Dotty Otley/Mrs. Clackett – Late 40’s to 50’s.  A former queen of the stage, she is now reduced to bedroom farce.  Dotty has a lot riding on the show, “Nothing On”, having invested her own money in hopes of earning enough to put by for her twilight years.  She still has an eye for a younger man.  At the top of the show, she and Garry are a secret item, but when she sets her sights elsewhere complications and jealous rages ensue.

Garry Lejeune/Roger – 30’s to early 40’s.  A solid, working, by the book actor he is flattered by and infatuated with Dotty.  He finds depths of rage he did not imagine when he thinks she has thrown him over for Frederick.  His world and his performance fall completely apart.

Brooke Ashton/Vicki – 20’s. Brooke is the ingénue of “Nothing On”.  A vapid young actress with the depth of a puddle, Brooke is incapable of adapting to the chaos around her.  She is an able contributor however. Repeatedly losing her contact lenses, threatening to walk out, and quarreling with Lloyd all add to this recipe for disaster.

Poppy Norton-Taylor – 30’s.  Poppy is the long-suffering assistant stage manager, who thought she was Lloyd’s only girlfriend until his relationship with Brooke is revealed.  She not only has to contend with drunken, weepy, missing and combative actors, she has to withstand Lloyd’s tantrums while being blamed for everything.

Frederick Fellowes/Phillip – 40’s.  Frederick is a handsome leading man type.  Not the sharpest tool in the box, he longs to be a serious actor.  He is extremely sensitive and subject to nose bleeds when stressed.  Unaware of the meaning of Dotty’s attentions, he is completely unprepared for the rage of her jealous lover, Garry.

Belinda Blair/Flavia – late 30’s-40’s.  Belinda is the perky eternal optimist and fixer of any problem.  She is also the cast gossip whose news bulletins are the catalysts for the mayhem that erupts.  She vainly attempts to take charge backstage to save the show when things begin to fall apart.  She is quite fond of Frederick and determined not to let Dotty ensnare him.

Tim Allgood – 30’s.  Tim is the stage manager, build captain, set crew, repairman, understudy, and Lloyds “gofer”.  Expected to be in at least two places at once, everywhere he turns there is yet another fire to be put out…

Selsdon Mowbray – 60’s.  Selsdon is a once great actor done in by drink. Dotty’s influence is the reason he was given one more a chance by being cast in “Nothing On”.  Nonetheless, everyone is worried that he will succumb to alcohol.  Often oblivious to the world crashing around him, Selsdon’s selective hearing and penchant for disappearing for catnaps keep everyone on pins and needles.


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