Plaza Suite

By Neil Simon
Directed by: Eileen Engel
Audition Dates: Monday 9/12 -Wednesday 9/14

NOTE: Auditions will only be held these days so if you are in rehearsal for another show, list one of the dates as a conflict.

WHAT: Plaza Suite
WHERE: Little Theatre of Norfolk
WHEN: September 12&13 at 7pm


(Contact info below)

PERFORMANCE DATES: November 4, 2016 – November 27, 2016
Friday and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2:30pm

Visitor From Mamaroneck:

Karen Nash – 47 – long married, insecure about her husband – a bit overweight
Sam Nash – 51– Stays fit - having an affair with his secretary
Jean McCormack – 30's - Sam's secretary, attractive threat to Karen
Waiter – male, any age
BellHop – male *

Visitor From Hollywood

Jesse Kiplinger – 40's, lecherous movie director
Muriel Tate – late 30's, attractive, naive housewife
Waiter – male – any age

Visitor From Forest Hills

Norma Hubley – middle-aged, attractive, nervous
Roy Hubley – middle-aged, worried, not in shape to climb out of windows!
Borden Eisler – the groom, 20-30, short, slender, decisive *
Mimsey Hubley – the bride, 21 – cause of her parents' bad nerves

Action takes place in The Plaza Hotel in the early 70s'. Each act is basically a one-act play. Actors may appear in one or more acts.

* may double as Borden/Bellhop

Questions should be directed to Eileen Engel at