Little Theatre of Norfolk announces auditions for “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

Director: Christopher Bernhardt

Audition Dates: January 12, 13 and 14 2015 at 7PM. 

Auditions will consist of Cold Readings. Please bring with you all conflicts from January 11th

Show Dates: March 13th – April 5th. Performance times are Friday and Saturday at 8PM and Sundays at 2:30PM. 

Headshots and Resumes are welcome but not required.

Synopsis: Set in the Louisiana Bayou in the 1950s, a family gathers at the Pollitt Plantation for the sixty-fifth birthday celebration of Big Daddy, its ailing patriarch. Despite the festivities, conniving family members scramble to secure their part of his estate. As tensions mount between alcoholic former  football hero Brick and his beautiful but sexually frustrated wife Maggie "the Cat”, a shockwave of  secrets is finally revealed.


Margaret (Maggie) – (Mid 20s to Middle 30s): Radiant, vivacious, seductive, clever and frank, she possesses an unyielding will to survive. She is afraid of abandonment, and frustrated by her husband's rejection. She fights for what she wants and is not going to give up once she has her mind set on something. Strong and powerful. Grew up with nothing and refuses to let go of what she has with Brick. 

Brick – (Mid 20s to Middle 30s): Former football hero. His good looks and outward success have won him admirers his whole life, from his own parents to his wife Maggie, despite his inability to reciprocate their affections. Tormented and fraught with guilt over his friend Skipper’s suicide, he uses alcohol to try to numb himself to a family and world which he sees as dishonest.

Big Daddy – (Middle to Late 60s): Brash, powerful and successful cotton planter. Speaks his mind and is unafraid of vulgarity. Inspires admiration and adoration without doing much of anything to deserve it. He worked hard for economic success, and now he wants to enjoy it. He is uninterested in his wife and treats her cruelly, belittling her love. He shows clear favoritism towards Brick and disdain for Gooper and his family.

Big Mama – (Early to Middle 60s): Robust, meddlesome and outspoken. Although she seems governed by her emotions, she’s ultimately as shrewd as anyone in her family. She loves her husband unconditionally despite his cruelty and indifference. Her outbursts are a willful effort to avoid the truth about Big Daddy's health. She loves both her sons but cannot help favoring Brick, investing him with all her hopes for the future of the family.

Gooper (Brother Man) – (Early 30s to Early 40s): Brick's older and jealous brother. He wants Big Daddy's inheritance and is bitter from being in the shadow of Brick all his life. He becomes obsessive in his quest to oust Brick & Maggie from his goal to inherit.

Mae (Sister Woman) – (Early 30s to Early 40s): Gooper’s "society" wife, whom he married because she ran in good and respected social circles. Her family lost all of their money at one point, and she is eager to stake her claim in Big Daddy's millions. Mae is insanely jealous of Maggie & hates her.

Doctor Baugh – (40s-60s): Small-town Southern doctor. He’s discreet enough that he allows the brothers to make their own decision about when and whether to tell Big Mama and Big Daddy about Big Daddy’s terminal condition.

Reverend Tooker – (40s-60s): Local clergyman. Sycophantic and a bit obvious in his attempt to remain in the good graces of the Pollitt family in order to garner his church a generous portion of the Pollitt estate.

Daisy – (20s): African American woman. Servant in the Pollitt household.

Lacey – (40s – 50s): African American man. Servant in the Pollitt household. Has seniority in the home and understands the family politics.

Sookey –(40s – 50s): African American woman. Servant in the Pollitt household for many years.

Brightie – (20s): African American man. Servant in the Pollitt household.

Any Questions, Please contact the Director: Christopher Bernhardt at