Red Herring

A comedy by Michael Hollinger

Directed by John B. Gillis


Audition Dates:  November 5th & 6th     7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at LTN

Call Backs:  November 8th   7:00 pm (if needed)

Performance Dates:  January 11th – February 3rd; Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 2:30PM


What to expect: 

Actors will be asked to perform a monologue of their choice. The monologue may be ANY favorite scripted piece or completely improvised but it MUST be performed off book.  The director will be focusing on delivery, projection and stage presence.


Show Description:   

A fast-paced comedy involving three love stories, a murder mystery and a nuclear espionage plot converge in this noir comedy about marriage and other explosive devices.  It’s 1952: America’s on the verge of the H-bomb, Dwight Eisenhower’s on the campaign trail and I Love Lucy on Monday nights. ‘McCarthyism’ is on everybody’s lips as Senator Joseph McCarthy tries to purge the film industry of alleged Communists, Soviet spies and Communist sympathizers.  Meanwhile Senator McCarthy’s daughter just got engaged to a Soviet spy and Boston detective Maggie Pelletier must find out who dumped the dead guy in the harbor – or else lose out on a honeymoon in Havana.  A blunt-nosed sharp-eyed look at love and tying (and untying and tying) the knot. 



Six actors 3M/3F will play 18 roles as follows


Maggie Pelletier:

plays a Mid 30’s Boston Detective.


Frank Keller:

Plays a Mid 30’s Govt. Agent (G-Man) and Maggie’s lover.

This actor will also play a Priest (typical) and Major Hartwell (a stiff military officer on board ship in the Marshall Islands witnessing the first test of an American hydrogen bomb).


James Appel:

Plays an early 20’s American spying for the Soviets who happens to be the boyfriend of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s daughter, Lynn.

This actor will also play Woody (a Boston Police Dept. crime photographer), Harry (a southern coroner from Georgia and a huge supporter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower), and a Bartender (from the Bronx).


Mrs. Kravitz:

Plays late 40’s early 50’s and recently widowed with some help and hopes Andrei the fisherman will switch identities with her recently dead husband.

This actor will also play Mrs. McCarthy (Senator Joe McCarthy wife and mother of Lynn) and Mrs. Van Nostrand (owner of a bridal fashion store).


Lynn McCarthy:

Plays early 20’s as the daughter of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy and Mrs. McCarthy.

This actor will also play the role of a dour Clerk (in the City Hall, Marriage License Dept.).


Andrei Borchevsky:

Plays a late 40’s early 50’s Polish immigrant now an American citizen fishing herring for Ogilby Fisheries Ltd of Boston.

This actor will also play Petey (G-Man partner of Frank Keller), Dr. Kasden (a British physicist on board ship in the Marshall Islands witnessing the first test of an American hydrogen bomb), Herbert (hen pecked husband of Mrs. Van Nostrand, owner of the bridal salon) and a Corpse (Mrs. Kravitz real husband pulled from the harbor and later examined in the morgue).


Questions:     Please contact the director John B. Gillis at




Red Herring is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.